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The 27th Annual Park Place Picnic was a huge success!

The 27th Annual Park Place Picnic was a huge success!

The 27th Park Place Picnic on Abbott Street took place on Sunday June 1, 2014. Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, firefighters, entertainers and CitiParks for making it possible! And of course, thank you to all the neighbors who came out to have fun and contributed a side dish or dessert. Summer is here. With kids out of school and longer daylight hours, it is especially important to Pledge to drive 25. Continue the campaign we started last fall, and keep your speed low! Another important way to keep everyone safe is to make sure you don’t park too close to intersections, driveways or crosswalks…this can make it hard for drivers to see pedestrians attempting to cross the street. We recently had a traffic study conducted in the neighborhood, which confirmed what we already knew…lots of fast driving and pretty terrible and inconsistent signage and paint to show where parking is illegal. We hope to correct some of those problems in the coming months. Our next big neighborhood event will be National Night Out on Tuesday August 6, 2014. Neighbors of the 100 block of South Braddock (by the Walgreens) will once again be hosting an ice cream social, and there will be lots of porch parties going on throughout Park Place. If you want to get involved, this is a great, easy way to do so. Make a pitcher of lemonade and invite your neighbors to join you. Organize a basketball game in your driveway. Put out some water so dog walkers will linger and chat for a little bit. Or cruise the neighborhood yourself and meet some new people. Most of the events happen between 6 and 8 pm. And finally, make sure to put Thursday September 18  at 7:00pm on your calendar. That’s GPPNA’s Annual Meeting and we’ll be electing new officers as well as discussing some important projects coming up. Last year’s meeting with speaker Ken Doyno was very interesting and really helped to guide a number of neighborhood improvement projects…including the Traffic Study we recently took part in. And finally…summer unfortunately often means an increase in crime. Be sure to secure windows with air conditioners in them, keep ground floor windows and doors locked, and report all suspicious activity to 911. Have a fun and safe summer, Park Place neighbors!

Squeaky Wheels

Sometimes I’ll notice a problem and make a mental note to report it, but I have two small children and a full-time job and gosh, the day gets away from me. Then I get used to it, and almost don’t even notice it anymore. There is a pothole on the corner of Lang and Penn that nearly takes out my car every single day! I keep meaning to call about it, but…well, I really have no excuse. There are so many options. And the truth is, the City has limited resources and cannot fix everything all the time. The squeakiest neighbors get their potholes fixed!


Always dial 911 for emergencies. You can do this anonymously if you want. Call for crimes that you see occurring right now, or suspicious activity or if someone is hurt. The dispatcher will decide who to relay the emergency to, as well as how urgent it is, so you don’t have to worry about tying up the 911 line.


There are so many ways to make non-emergency reports for potholes, suspected drug dealing, graffiti, patterns of speeding traffic or unsafe road conditions, or really anything that is hurting the quality of life in our neighborhood. You can dial 311 or tweet @Pgh311. There’s even an Online 311 submission form!

For crimes, you can print out the silent complaint form and mail it in, if you want to report something anonymously directly to the police.

Disruptive properties can be reported as well. Read more about the ordinance violations that make a property disruptive.

Make sure your neighbors all know about these ways to report problems so we can be as squeaky as possible when it’s necessary.

I’m going to go tweet about that pothole right now!  There, done!

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Picnic Time! 27th Annual Park Place Picnic Coming Up Sunday!

Park Place Picnic 2014

One of my favorite things to do in Park Place is walk around the neighborhood in the weeks before one of our events and pass out fliers. It gives me a chance to make the rounds and talk to the neighbors that I usually only see from a distance, or meet the new folks who have moved in. My daughter is now always on the lookout for potential new playmates and I enjoy seeing what people are doing to fix up their yards or porches. The Park Place  Picnic has been going on a long time, largely spearheaded by longtime Park Place residents Mary and Ken Hupe, and kept free for all of us through generous donations from local businesses and a grant from Citiparks. For those who have never been to the picnic, they close down the entire street and fill it with bouncy houses and a live band! There are free hot dogs and drinks, and all the neighbors bring side dishes and desserts to share. There’s something for people of every age, and it’s laid back. People feel free to come and go throughout the entire afternoon. As an added bonus this year, the fire fighters will be bringing a truck. It’s a pretty incredible event for a neighborhood our size, and it’s been happening for 27 years! Weather is supposed to be great on Sunday and I look forward to seeing you on Abbott Street!

Safer Streets, Next Steps

I am pleased to announce that the work our Traffic and Safety Committee has been doing is paying off! A grant from the Southwest PA Commission is supporting a full Road Safety Audit, to be conducted April 15-17. As part of this process, a community meeting is being held on the morning of April 16, 9am-noon at the UCP/Class building, 1400 Braddock Avenue. In addition, traffic engineers will be taking measurements and making observations of the road itself. It is our hope that this data will help us to decide what structural changes to the road, speed limits, signage and traffic signals will help to create a roadway that is safer for all.

Your feedback at this meeting is vitally important. Whether you can attend in person, or send a letter to convey your ideas, we would really appreciate your thoughts. How do you use Braddock Avenue and what do you see as the trouble spots…whether on foot, by bike, or car? Letters can be sent to Greater Park Place Neighborhood Association, PO Box 8144, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

Home Improvement Workshop To Be Held March 22

GPPNA is cohosting the 7th annual Home Improvement Workshop!

GPPNA is cohosting the 7th annual Home Improvement Workshop!

It’s hard to believe that this year marks the seventh annual home improvement workshop that GPPNA has co-hosted with the Regent Square Civic Association! It originally started as a way for neighbors to learn about home improvement and renovation topics that are specific to the older homes that are common in Park Place and Regent  Square. The workshop still focuses on that, but has gained a reputation for being such a great event that last year we had attendees from other counties! Bring photos of the exterior of your own home for a free mini-consultation session with volunteer architects and designers from the The Design Center. The presentations will address issues such as how to add or modify your home without losing its original architectural style and how new materials compare to materials used in original construction. Also on the agenda are site planning and landscaping. Don’t miss this free event on Saturday March 22, 2014 from 10am to 12pm at the Mifflin Avenue United Methodist Church (905 Mifflin Avenue, 15221).