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Annual Meeting and Board Elections

Please join us at our annual meeting and for board elections on Thursday September 18, 2014 at 7:00pm at Waverly Church on the corner of Forbes and Braddock.

Another Successful National Night Out

National Night Out 2014 was a great success! For the first time ever, we completely ran out of ice cream on the 100 block of South Braddock, and rumor has it that the Hupes ran out of hot dogs down on Abbott Street! We had a 7 week old attend our event, and I’m guessing he was just about the youngest neighbor to participate. Officer Leshen gave the kids of Park Place a tour of her police cruiser and handed out NNO balloons, bracelets, tattoos and glow sticks. Commander Degler and Councilman Burgess also stopped by our neighborhood events. Neighbors on the 7700 block of Edgerton had a lively night. Dixie Thielet hosted about 25 neighbors and their dogs. With lots of delicious food and a “get to know you” game that Dixie uses when she teaches elementary kids, neighbors had a great time connecting and getting to know newcomers.

Our events were just a few of 57  held across the city. Some large and some small, they all had one thing in common, neighbors getting to know each other and having fun together.  Check out this great piece in the Post-Gazette.

We had only two reported incidents in July, down quite a bit from the beginning of the summer, but our police officers reminded us to keep watching out for each other and to call 911 with any suspicious activity. (Really! It’s ok to dial 911!)  Report strangers knocking on doors (“looking for contractors,” “checking utilities”) or looking in car windows. Also, don’t advertise your vacations on social media!

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your summer. We look forward to seeing you for our annual meeting and board elections on Thursday September 19 at 7pm.

Now Seeking Board Members for GPPNA!

I first got involved with GPPNA about a year after I moved to the neighborhood. We had a lot of problems with trespassing, vandalism, and burglary. My porch lights were stolen right off the side of my house while I was sitting in the living room! But it really hit home when I stepped into my dark house one night and felt the crunch of broken glass underneath my feet. Sometime that day, while I was out at a family reunion, someone had broken the single-pane glass in my kitchen door and reached in to unlock the bolt. They then helped themselves to all of our computers and my wedding jewelry. My anger turned into action, and I started volunteering for Park Place events and attending public safety meetings. The community liaison officer visited our house and gave us some pointers for securing it and I got to know the neighbors living right on my block and formed a block watch. It’s been my pleasure to serve as GPPNA’s president and pitch in wherever I can…organizing events to help neighbors get to know each other and making sure the police and Mayor’s office keep Park Place on their radar. That’s how we keep each other safe. Simple, easy actions like reporting concerns to 311 and 911 and knowing who belongs on your block.

Please consider running for the GPPNA board.  We’re seeking new members for our board to begin a term in October 2014.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Attendance at monthly meetings (Second Monday of each month at 7pm)
  • Leadership in organizing at least one of our 6 regular annual events
  • Serve as a contact for residents of your block
  • Occasional attendance at city-wide meetings
  • Opportunity to work on existing projects or to launch new initiatives
  • 2 year term


  • Must be a voting member of GPPNA
  • If elected, your presence would be needed at the Board’s Bi-annual planning retreat on October 4, 2014


Elections will be held on Thursday September 19, 2014at 7pm at the GPPNA Annual Meeting at Waverly Church. If you are interested in running, please email with your name, contact info and a 250 word bio, no later than September 1, 2014.

Summer Events

The 27th Annual Park Place Picnic was a huge success!

The 27th Annual Park Place Picnic was a huge success!

The 27th Park Place Picnic on Abbott Street took place on Sunday June 1, 2014. Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, firefighters, entertainers and CitiParks for making it possible! And of course, thank you to all the neighbors who came out to have fun and contributed a side dish or dessert. Summer is here. With kids out of school and longer daylight hours, it is especially important to Pledge to drive 25. Continue the campaign we started last fall, and keep your speed low! Another important way to keep everyone safe is to make sure you don’t park too close to intersections, driveways or crosswalks…this can make it hard for drivers to see pedestrians attempting to cross the street. We recently had a traffic study conducted in the neighborhood, which confirmed what we already knew…lots of fast driving and pretty terrible and inconsistent signage and paint to show where parking is illegal. We hope to correct some of those problems in the coming months. Our next big neighborhood event will be National Night Out on Tuesday August 6, 2014. Neighbors of the 100 block of South Braddock (by the Walgreens) will once again be hosting an ice cream social, and there will be lots of porch parties going on throughout Park Place. If you want to get involved, this is a great, easy way to do so. Make a pitcher of lemonade and invite your neighbors to join you. Organize a basketball game in your driveway. Put out some water so dog walkers will linger and chat for a little bit. Or cruise the neighborhood yourself and meet some new people. Most of the events happen between 6 and 8 pm. And finally, make sure to put Thursday September 18  at 7:00pm on your calendar. That’s GPPNA’s Annual Meeting and we’ll be electing new officers as well as discussing some important projects coming up. Last year’s meeting with speaker Ken Doyno was very interesting and really helped to guide a number of neighborhood improvement projects…including the Traffic Study we recently took part in. And finally…summer unfortunately often means an increase in crime. Be sure to secure windows with air conditioners in them, keep ground floor windows and doors locked, and report all suspicious activity to 911. Have a fun and safe summer, Park Place neighbors!

Squeaky Wheels

Sometimes I’ll notice a problem and make a mental note to report it, but I have two small children and a full-time job and gosh, the day gets away from me. Then I get used to it, and almost don’t even notice it anymore. There is a pothole on the corner of Lang and Penn that nearly takes out my car every single day! I keep meaning to call about it, but…well, I really have no excuse. There are so many options. And the truth is, the City has limited resources and cannot fix everything all the time. The squeakiest neighbors get their potholes fixed!


Always dial 911 for emergencies. You can do this anonymously if you want. Call for crimes that you see occurring right now, or suspicious activity or if someone is hurt. The dispatcher will decide who to relay the emergency to, as well as how urgent it is, so you don’t have to worry about tying up the 911 line.


There are so many ways to make non-emergency reports for potholes, suspected drug dealing, graffiti, patterns of speeding traffic or unsafe road conditions, or really anything that is hurting the quality of life in our neighborhood. You can dial 311 or tweet @Pgh311. There’s even an Online 311 submission form!

For crimes, you can print out the silent complaint form and mail it in, if you want to report something anonymously directly to the police.

Disruptive properties can be reported as well. Read more about the ordinance violations that make a property disruptive.

Make sure your neighbors all know about these ways to report problems so we can be as squeaky as possible when it’s necessary.

I’m going to go tweet about that pothole right now!  There, done!

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