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Safer Streets, Next Steps

I am pleased to announce that the work our Traffic and Safety Committee has been doing is paying off! A grant from the Southwest PA Commission is supporting a full Road Safety Audit, to be conducted April 15-17. As part of this process, a community meeting is being held on the morning of April 16, 9am-noon at the UCP/Class building, 1400 Braddock Avenue. In addition, traffic engineers will be taking measurements and making observations of the road itself. It is our hope that this data will help us to decide what structural changes to the road, speed limits, signage and traffic signals will help to create a roadway that is safer for all.

Your feedback at this meeting is vitally important. Whether you can attend in person, or send a letter to convey your ideas, we would really appreciate your thoughts. How do you use Braddock Avenue and what do you see as the trouble spots…whether on foot, by bike, or car? Letters can be sent to Greater Park Place Neighborhood Association, PO Box 8144, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

Home Improvement Workshop To Be Held March 22

GPPNA is cohosting the 7th annual Home Improvement Workshop!

GPPNA is cohosting the 7th annual Home Improvement Workshop!

It’s hard to believe that this year marks the seventh annual home improvement workshop that GPPNA has co-hosted with the Regent Square Civic Association! It originally started as a way for neighbors to learn about home improvement and renovation topics that are specific to the older homes that are common in Park Place and Regent  Square. The workshop still focuses on that, but has gained a reputation for being such a great event that last year we had attendees from other counties! Bring photos of the exterior of your own home for a free mini-consultation session with volunteer architects and designers from the The Design Center. The presentations will address issues such as how to add or modify your home without losing its original architectural style and how new materials compare to materials used in original construction. Also on the agenda are site planning and landscaping. Don’t miss this free event on Saturday March 22, 2014 from 10am to 12pm at the Mifflin Avenue United Methodist Church (905 Mifflin Avenue, 15221).

Annual Home Improvement Workshop

Mark your calendars for March 22, 2014. The annual home improvement workshop is being held on that date at the Mifflin Avenue Methodist Church, with an architectural and renovation theme. This popular event is co-sponsored by the GPPNA and our neighbors in the Regent Square Civic Association. More information is forthcoming!

Holiday Potluck

Holiday Potluck Coming Up December 9!

Five years ago when my husband and I moved to Park Place, we saw a flier for a holiday potluck. This was our first “real” neighborhood as a couple and the first permanent stopping place after a few years of bouncing around the country looking for a place to call home. We were eager to meet neighbors and put down some roots. I had no idea what to expect, but I must admit that my expectations were not terribly high. We figured we’d at least stop by and introduce ourselves and take off if it wasn’t fun. Well, you know how it turned out, since not only did we end up staying in Park Place, but I’m now serving as the President of the Greater Park Place Neighborhood Association!

I hope you will join me on Monday December 9, 2013 from 6:30 to 8:30 and enjoy some good food and good company. I also would like to make a special request that you reach out to the new neighbors on your block or those who don’t often get out and invite them to come. And don’t forget…besides the holiday fun, we are also taking an opportunity to collect food and money for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Click here for more information on what is appropriate to donate and keep in mind that we will also be collecting cash or checks. See you there, Neighbors!

Katy Frey, GPPNA President

Costumes in Crosswalks

Should I wear this costume?

Should I wear this costume?

Braddock Avenue is notoriously difficult to cross as a pedestrian. With no stop signs or traffic lights for almost a half a mile between Forbes and Penn Avenues, traffic often exceeds the 25 mph speed limit. Park Place residents often say that they love living here because of Frick Park – but most of us have to cross Braddock Avenue to get there. We also have two schools on that stretch of road. A few months ago, I walked up the street with fellow board member Greg Barnhisel and we took notes of all the problems…lack of yellow paint or signs to indicate no parking, paint wearing down on crosswalks in the street, and lack of signage to indicate a crossing were just some of the problems we noted. We think two big things need to happen. First, the City of Pittsburgh needs to repaint and fix signs. Second, drivers need to become more aware that Braddock Avenue is very much a multimodal roadway, and to be on the lookout for pedestrians on cyclists.

With that in mind, we want to invite you to come out on Friday October 25, 2013 for our Costumes in Crosswalks event.

How it works:
1. Sign up to sponsor a crosswalk. (Sign up online here, or at the Freys, 121 South Braddock – clipboard is on the porch.)
2. Invite your neighbors to join you (the more the merrier!)
3. Make a sign or get a costume. (Signs could say things like: “Kids live here.” “I walk my dog here.” “This is the safest place for me to cross into Frick Park.” ”Slow down!” Etc.)
4. Show up at your crosswalk on Friday October 25 between the hours of 4 and 6, and cross back and forth for as long as you are able to stay. (Be safe and legal. Wait until a car yields to you. Don’t block traffic.)
5. At 6:15, we’ll stage a mass crossing at Penn and Braddock and then gather at the Freys for cider and pizza.

This will be a great way to draw the City’s attention to our poorly painted crosswalks! It’s also a fun way to remind the many people who pass through our neighborhood daily that pedestrians are often looking to cross the street, and have a really hard time doing it safely. I hope to see you there, neighbors!