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Post Gazette- Tiny Park Place organizes to fight proposed Walgreens

Diana Jones, from the Post-Gazette, who attended our first community meeting and also the hearing, wrote this article about the formation of the Greater park Place Neighborhood Association.


Post-Gazette: Walgreens request postponed until January

A brief Post-Gazette article about the hearing for the proposed Walgreens.


Attend Hearing Thursday, 12-15-2005!

All those who are able to, please attend the hearing at 9:20 on this Thursday morning, 12/15/2005.

We will be handing out stickers to wear for those from our community to help the board identify those who are present on behalf of the community’s interests.

We are seeking a continuance, but must be prepared to […]

True measures of sucess?

ok, the protest not only made it into both papers and all three local News stations, it was even ‘noticed’ by another local blogger in a humorous post, complete with some suggested signs and a rallying chant.

I think it’s a measure of succuess (or something) to make it into other people’s blogs. 😉



Post-Gazette: Civic Protest

In Sunday’s edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 11, 2005

There was a photo with caption taken by their photographer John Beale who came out to see the protest.

You can find it on Page: B-4

I am seeking permission to post a copy of it since they do not have a copy online I […]