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UPMC/Western Psyhc Crisis Zoning Hearing, August 7, 2008

UPMC/Western Psyhc is planning on building a Crisis center at 333 N. Braddock Ave.

The development group in Point Breeze is not in favor of this location. As I understand it, they feel it conflicts with the work and plans they have been doing in the immediate area of the site. They have hired a […]

Environmental Charter School Events

Visit www.environmentalcharterschool.org to see the many events planned for August. Play dates for specific grade levels are scheduled throughout the month; a potluck picnic for 8/8 and the grand opening for 8/25.

Frick Park Lawn Bowling Greens Need Attention

The Frick Park Lawn Bowling Club was formed in 1939. In 1989, the city of Pittsburgh proposed plowing up the greens and closing the club in order to save costs. A twenty-year agreement was reached whereby the Frick Park Lawn Bowling Club privatized and maintaining the greens. A factor in reaching this agreement was the […]

Clean-up on Franklin Ave and Rosa Park Playground

From Vanessa McCarthy-Johnson Council Member, Second Ward: I just wanted to give you a head’s up about this weekend. On Saturday, 7/26/08:The Rosa Parks Block Club will be hosting a clean-up at the Rosa Parks Playground starting at 9. They will also be out on 7/27 at 9. They will be out again next week […]