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Falls Ravine Restoration Day

Falls Ravine Restoration Day Wednesday August 5th 8:30am-1pm Meet at Falls Ravine Shelter at the trail intersection in Fern Hollow

The water in Falls Ravine should be draining directly into the Fern Hollow Wetland area; however, sediment buildup and erosion is interfering with this natural process. Help NMRWA reconstruct the lower portion of Falls Ravine […]

National Night Out

Just a reminder to mark next Tuesday on your calendars. Plan to dine out on the front stoop, have family game night on the porch, or enjoy some after dinner tea or drinks sitting out on the lawn. Have the kids play games outside or draw on the sidewalks with chalk. Introduce yourselves to the […]

Nine Mile Run Stream Sweep

Meet in the Lower Frick Park soccer field, use the Lancaster Avenue entrance.

The Nine Mile Run Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Project is one of this region’s unique environmental assets. Unfortunately, the storms we typically experience in July wash litter from streets in the upper watershed communities of Pittsburgh, Edgewood, Swissvale, and Wilkinsburg into […]