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Candidate Bios

We have three lovely women running for re-election this month. Learn more about their service to the community so far and what they hope to accomplish if re-elected.

Sue Breslow 

I just finished my second term on the GPPNA board of directors. Over the past two years I have done planning work for a new “Welcome to Park Place” sign, worked with a committee to plan a clean-up event for the Forbes/Braddock intersection, assisted the Membership Chair, and have been the board Treasurer.

For the coming two years, if given the opportunity, I look forward to continuing to actively support the six annual events sponsored by GPPNA. I am also interested in arranging a tour of our local firehouse, want to arrange to have the fire department Captain speak at a neighborhood event, want to begin fundraising for the neighborhood sign, and am happy to continue being board Treasurer.

I have lived in Park Place for seventeen years and am inspired to see the stability our neighborhood has achieved while we continually address new challenges and issues. I would be honored to serve for a third term on the board.

Mary Hupe

I moved to Park Place with my husband in 1980 because it was a quiet neighborhood near Frick Park.  We are happy that in 32 years, the pleasant, friendly ambience has continued.

My involvement began with the push to change the zoning designation from R-4 to R-2. This prevented any additional houses from being subdivided into more that two apartments, and encouraged some owners to return their dwellings to single-family homes.  From there I moved on to crime prevention and remain a member of the Zone 4 Citizens Public Safety Council, a Block Watch advocate, and a promoter of National Night Out gatherings.  As a teacher, I arranged interactions with students and police to foster positive relationships.  As a result of these activities, I received the 2012 Governor’s Citizen Crime Prevention Recognition Award.

My other main interest is social events.  For 25 years we have hosted the Park Place Picnic on Abbott Street, and hope that it serves to bring together new and longtime residents to enjoy and strengthen our community.  I also help coordinate the GPPNA-sponsored Holiday Party every December.

If re-elected, I will continue to be a liaison between Park Place and Public Safety, and to coordinate neighborhood social events.

Joni Rabinowitz 

My husband John Haer and I have lived in Park Place since 1976. I love this neighborhood and have always been a big fan. Before retiring, I worked for 25 years as co-director of Just Harvest, an anti-poverty and anti-hunger advocacy organization–activism is in my bones. Currently I’m active in anti-fracking work. In Park Place, I’ve participated for many years on the summer picnic and was also one of the spearheads of the 2004-06 campaign to prevent Walgreens from rezoning the corners at Penn and Braddock and at Penn and East End, and tearing down 3 houses (we had a partial victory). Later, I lobbied Walgreens to repair the 2 remaining houses and put them up for sale.  As a trained Tree Tender I helped organize the first tree planting in the neighborhood in 2008, when we planted 16 street trees. Now, I see that most people are oblivious to the needs of the trees we do have here and I want to work to protect them.  John and I are Democratic committee people and we contact voters to get them out for every election. One of us is always at the polls on election day; we consider this a good opportunity to connect with our neighbors and catch up with concerns people have about anything. I maintain regular contact with Ricky Burgess, our city council member, and Barbara Daly Danko, our county council member as well as our state House and Senate members. I would like to continue serving on the board. I’m eager to recruit and welcome new people into the neighborhood. I’d like to see people buy and rehab some of the vacant housing.


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