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Spring Redd Up on April 16

A message from event organizer, Katy Frey….

We’ll be joining neighbors from across the city in a spring clean up effort on Saturday April 16, 2016. Pick up litter and beautify your block! GPPNA will provide supplies such as garbage bags, gloves and safety vests available.

What is “Redding Up”? It’s a local way of saying tidy or clean up.

What should I do? Start by removing the litter. Once that’s picked up, you can rake up any leaves or other debris, especially around curbs and storm drains. Trim branches that are blocking street signs. Call 311 to report places that need paint (such as crosswalks) or road signs that need to be replaced. And of course, you can plant some flowers, lay mulch or do whatever else you want to do to make your own property look nicer!

Need supplies? I have bags, gloves, safety vests, a few shovels and dust pans, and maps of neighborhood “hot spots”. Stop by 121 South Braddock on Friday April 15 from 4-8pm, or Saturday morning from 9-12 to pick up supplies. If you don’t have a good spot to store trash until pick up day, you can also bring collected trash back to my place and I’ll put it out for pick up.

Celebrate Your Hard Work and Meet Neighbors At noon on Saturday, we’re gathering at Joni Rabinowitz’s place at (7721 Edgerton – between East End and Peebles) for pizza, desserts and refreshments. IMPORTANT: If you are going to stop by Joni’s, please RSVP to katyfrey@gmail.com or at the Facebook event page.

Can’t make it then? What if you can’t participate during those hours? No worries, just redd up when you can! If you’d like to toot your own horn, post a photo to this event page of what you did to beautify your area.

For fun, post photos of your handiwork to our Facebook page, or send them to katyfrey@gmail.com. Everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing for a gift basket of gardening tools and other goodies!

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