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The Greater Park Place Neighborhood Association (GPPNA) is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to preserve, protect and improve the Park Place community and environs.

We are looking for community volunteers to become members and help the community take charge of its own destiny through proactive involvement on the issues that face us, such as:

  • Neighborhood Improvements
  • Safety Issues
  • School Issues
  • Events
  • Planing and Development
  • Street Cleaning & Municipal Services
  • Communications and Outreach
  • and others as desired and needed . . .

Membership gives you a voice in our community’s affairs and strengthens our collective voice on issues that matter to Park Place.  Healthy membership numbers improve GPPNA’s ability to communicate effectively with public officials and other organizations about our needs. Your dues help us sponsor our summer picnic, winter holiday celebration, our annual clean-ups and other activities throughout the year, as well as paying the fees associated with hosting our website, email list, and Post Office box.

Thank you for your support!

To become a member, you must:

Don’t know if you’re paid up? Contact us at info AT parkplaceblog DOT com.

Note: To vote in the annual board election, you must also live or own property or be the designated representative of a business in Park Place. Those not meeting these geographical criteria may become non-voting members.

Greater Park Place Neighborhood Association Boundaries

The geographic boundaries as defined by the Bylaws are: to the NORTH by the north side of Penn Avenue, to the EAST by S. Trenton Avenue, to the SOUTH by Forbes Avenue to Green Street and to the WEST by Carnegie Place.

View Park Place neighborhood borders in a larger map