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Dog Attack on East End

Last night, there was a very sad incident here in Park Place. Late in the evening a dog was being walked on East End by his owner, between Tuscarora and Brashear Street, when a pitt bull from a few houses down escaped it’s chain and attacked the dog being walked.

Despite the best efforts of the owner and others who came to help, they were unable to prevent the pit bull from mauling the other dog to death. The pit bull has since been euthanized. This is a heartbreaking outcome for all involved, as two families have lost pets as a result.
(See news articles here:

This tragedy presents an opportunity to reflect on how we can protect ourselves and our neighbors from this sort of needless incident.

We live in a neighborhood with close proximity to the park and lots of dog owners that take advantage of that fact and live in the immediate community. This is not the first incident of this kind in our area, as in past years we have had cats attacked, and many have seen national news headlines where even people have been killed by dogs.

It is an unfortunate fact that some people select breeds that require advanced skill and experience in dog training, when they are in fact incapable or unmotivated to do the work required to remain in control of their pet. The puppy that was so cute when they first came home, grows into an animal that can be deadly if not properly trained.

I would recommend that those walking their dogs attempt to be aware of the dogs in the area where they walk, and particularly ones which are not contained by a fence. While this is not always easy, or completely effective, it may help you avoid potential problem situations.

If you find yourself the owner of a dog that shows aggression towards others, buy a fence of sufficient hight to contain them, or leave them inside at all times unless on a leash and muzzled– provided you are physically cable of restraining them. Go to training classes to learn what you are doing wrong with managing your dog. (If you are having aggression problems with your dog, make no mistake, it is you, not the dog with the problem.) Finally if you cannot afford these measures, find the time, or you just are plain unsuccessful for whatever reason, then you need to place the dog for adoption and get a more innately mild (and perhaps small) breed that will not pose such a danger when you do not control them. Or consider a gold fish.

Some online resources for owners dealing with aggressive dogs can be found here.

Concerned about an agressive or uncontrolled dog in your neighborhood? You can take steps to force the owner to take actions. See this article here: Take Action Against Dangerous Neighborhood Dogs

Man Shot, Thrown In Car In Point Breeze

Neighbors on Edgerton heard the shots and called the police. To the best knowledge of residents on the street, there is no known connection between the parties involved and the location.

Police: Man Shot, Thrown In Car In Point Breeze 

Pop Star: Joni Rabinowitz of Just Harvest

Joni Rabinowitz, long time resident of Park Place and Executive Director of Just Harvest was interviewed for Pop City.

See the article here: Pop Star: Joni Rabinowitz of Just Harvest

Some Squirrel Hill Trees To Be Removed; Neighbors Band Together


The above article is decribing the recent controversy around the large-scale plans for the city to remove aproximately 3000 trees. This hit the news in December as well.

GPPNA is canceling their street tree meeting on Thursday 1/10/08 so that it does not conflict with the meeting to discuss this issue being held in Squirel Hill. Our guest speaker will be occupied at that meeting instead.

The meeting on the street tree removals will be held Thursday at 7pm, 1/10/08 at the Children’s Institute in Squirel Hill.

1405 Shady Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15217-1350

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1,000 Volunteers Expected for Homewood, Squirrel Hill, Point Breeze Fall Cleanup

Link to the PRNewswire press release

The fall clean-up campaign is coming soon. Park Place’s clean-up date is Saturday October 13th, 2007. We had good turn out last spring, and are looking for and even better one this fall. We will meet again at the corner of Forbes and South Braddock, in front of the Waverly church, at 9 the morning. Bags will be provided.